Mark has a strong desire to help others and sees the opportunity of giving back as a blessing.  There are many things he has kept active in throughout the years in Rockwall, Texas and around his community.  Below is a list of how he spends his time helping others and building up those around him.

  • College scholarships
  • Church planting
  • Sponsored Overseas missions
  • Veterans sponsored videos and interviews
  • Land offering for churches to build on
  • Sponsored leadership conferences in Palmer Ranch, Texas
  • Sponsored church retreats in Palmer Ranch, Texas
  • Yearly Bible Studies led and held in Pearl Lake, Colorado
  • Has visited schools for over 12 years to teach students about rocks and minerals dressed as Indiana Jones
  • Has donated minerals and fossils to schools
  • Tuesday night high school bible study since 2003
  • Wednesday men’s bible study since 1991
  • Sponsored writing of several books